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Effect of water

The use of thermal springs in Patince has a long tradition. Already documents from the 13th century mention the existence of hot springs with healing effects and the existence of baths from Roman times. In the baths, which Count Nedetzky had built in the vicinity of the spring, diseases of the limbs were successfully treated.

  • In October 1953, at the suggestion of Dr. Ondrej Stollman, the Patina thermal spring and its surroundings were declared a protected area. One of the boreholes is located by the thermal lake. It was drilled in 1953.

Another source of thermal water is located just a short distance from the lake. The borehole is 160 m deep, but it is only built to a depth of 146 m. The water temperature is 26,9 °C.

The third spring springs in the meadow in front of the thermal lake towards the swimming pool area. The borehole was built in 1982 for the needs of the recreation centre. It is 170 m deep and has steel springs. Thermal water flows out of the borehole by its own overpressure. Its temperature reaches 26,2 °C.

The thermal water in Patince is characterised by its high content of bicarbonates, calcium, magnesium and sulphates, which makes it very beneficial for the musculoskeletal system and a great remedy against its diseases.

Relaxation in thermal water with a temperature of about 35°C has a soothing effect on the body, it promotes the flow of heat, especially to the limbs, which are always cooler. The increase in body temperature causes a significant acceleration of biochemical changes in the body – oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide output increase, the elasticity of muscles, ligaments and connective tissues improves, while muscle tension decreases, and the blood supply to the skin and body core increases as a result of the heat received.


Special relaxation bath in the hotel area - sitting around the spring, which is located directly in the thermal lake. In the Roman bath you can sit comfortably and let the thermal water have its beneficial effects on your joints and muscles. The thermal water flows out of the borehole by its own pressure. Its temperature reaches 27°C.


The springs are characterized by a high content of bicarbonates, calcium, magnesium and sulphates and have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system and against its diseases. It has ideal properties to regenerate your tired joints and muscles and we use it in all swimming pools.