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The provider behind the website, WELLNESS s.r.o., keeps and processes your personal data in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, Act no. 428/2002 on the protection of personal data according to its later amendments.

We protect your data

All our customer data are protected against any misuse. We keep this data on servers which we own and which are located in our company premises. The servers are not linked to the public internet network, so they cannot be obtained by a third party without authorisation.

The personal data you enter when making a purchase are completely confidential and will in no event be provided to a third party. The personal data will be used only for essential actions related to the booking.

Following a client’s written request, the personal data will be deleted from the database and WELLNESS s.r.o. will process it no further.

Contact address:


Patince 431

Patince 946 39

Email address:

How to unsubscribe from the email newsletter (remove the address from the database)

  • in every email message, you can find the link “unsubscribe from newsletters”. Once you click on this link and confirm it, your email address will be deleted from the database.
  • In your account settings, you can cancel newsletter emails
  • Send a request to and your email will be deleted from the database

How to delete personal data

If you wish all your personal data to be deleted, please contact us by email at with your request. We will remove all your personal or sensitive data immediately.