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Tips for trips

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Marina Patince

From the Marina Patince dock, regular sightseeing tours on the Danube set off on the track Patince ─ Moča and back with cruise boat Wellness 1. You can buy tickets for these cruises at the reception of Wellness Hotel Patince****.

During the summer season, dock visitors and owners of anchored yachts can also visit Marina Bar where they can get a refreshment in the form of drinks and snacks. The littlest ones can have fun on a playground with monkey bars.

Distance from the hotel: 2 km / 5 mins by car / 20 mins walking
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Danube Cycling Route

From Patince, you can easily connect to Danube Cycling Route EuroVelo 6, a part of which also leads through Slovakia. No matter if you set off to the east or west, you can admire the southern Slovakia countryside all the way and encounter many local curiosities.

Thanks to the flat terrain, children or less able cyclists can also manage cycle trips in the surrounds. If you have not brought bicycles, you can also rent them at the reception.

Distance from the hotel: 1.5 km / 10 mins by bicycle

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Water pumping steam station Patince

Belonging to the Slovak “black holes”, the historical monument is located right by the main road towards Virt. You can easily access it from the cycling route. Built in 1897, the well preserved station can only be admired from the outer side; it cannot be entered.

Distance from the hotel: 2 km / 3 mins by car / 20 mins walking / 10 mins by bike

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Peace of Žitava Memorial

The memorial is located just at the beginning of Žitava, a part of the municipality of Radvaň nad Dunajom. It reminds of the conclusion of the Žitava peace treaty that ended the 15-year war between the Habsburgs and the Turks in 1606. You will find an information board at the monument and benches on which you can sit.

Distance from the hotel: 3.5 km / 5 mins by car / 40 mins walking / 15 mins by bike

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Giant swing in Moča

In the municipality of Moča, you can find a high swing that will delight both the kids and the adults. It is located right next to the grocery shop Jednota by the main road. You can also get to it by a short detour from the cycling route. In addition to the big swing, children can also enjoy fun on smaller swings. There is also a bench for you to sit on.

Distance from the hotel: 9 km / 11 mins by car

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Lookout tower in Kravany nad Dunajom

The attraction of the municipality of Kravany nad Dunajom is a lookout tower from which you can have, during a nice weather, a stunning view towards Patince or Štúrovo. The lookout tower is located right by the Danube on the cycling route, which makes it a great target point of cycling trips. There are also monkey bars for kids and an outdoor gym under the tower. The municipal park is also situated near.

Distance from the hotel: 16 km / 18 mins by car

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The floating boat mill in Kolárovo

The floating boat mill in Kolárovo is the last existing specimen of the floating mill and the only boat mill in Slovakia. It is connected with the bank by an 86 m long bridge which is considered the longest wooden bridge in Europe. The mill is situated on a dead channel of the Danube. It was built on two parallel boats and anchored to the riverbanks. The boats are bigger than those on the original floating mills.

The mill houses the Boat Miller’s Museum. The opening hours of the museum are from 10 AM to 5 PM during the summer season and from 1 PM to 5 PM during the winter season.  You can also spend your time here without visiting the museum, by taking a nice walk, refreshing or getting to know the surrounding countryside.

Distance from the hotel: 40 km / 42 mins by car

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The Hurbanovo observatory and other curiosities

If you are interested in the space and stars, make sure you won’t miss visiting the oldest Slovak Central Observatory situated in the historical park in the centre of Hurbanovo. The area comprises a park, a statue of Copernicus, painted wall with aliens and three observatory buildings. The observatory is accessible to the public not only at night during the observation of the night sky but also during the day. The old building is currently closed for a planned reconstruction but it can be viewed from the outside. In the new building, films for children and adolescents are played. Before visiting, check the website of the observatory for the current opening hours and ticket prices according to number of persons and what you want to see.

An educational tourist path starts at the observatory that leads through the protected areas in the surroundings of Hurbanovo. The entire track is 14 kilometres long, so you should count with a day-long hiking. It can also be taken by bicycle in which case the trip will last half a day.

When you already are in Hurbanovo, take a look at the Church of St Ladislaus, one of the town’s dominants.   Its tower can already be seen from a distance. There is a large parking lot and a park behind the church. When you get hungry, you can buy tasty langoses next to the church.

Adults can also be interested in the Hurbanovo beer path which is the visit of the known brewery with degustation.

Distance from the hotel: 27 km / 25 mins by car

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The town of Komárno is situated at the confluence of the Danube and the Váh rivers, by the border with Hungary. Reminders of different historical periods overlap in Komárno, starting with the Roman empire. Thanks to the strategic location, the town was interesting in all the periods, which is the reason why it was protected by a number of fortresses and fortifications that you can also see today. Being one of the newer monuments, the stunning square – the European Yard – centres the features of architectural styles from all of Europe.

Distance from the hotel: 16 km / 17 mins by car / 1 hour by bike

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The location of Patince near the border with Hungary offers many opportunities for trips and leisure time activities also at our southern neighbours’. Situated on the opposite bank of the Danube, Esztergom can be accessed by walking. The present Maria Valeria bridge connecting Slovakia and Hungary is a replacement for the original bridge built in the 15th century. Currently, it also serves as one of pedestrian routes. The cycling route EuroVelo 6 also leads through the bridge to Hungary.

The beautiful basilica that is an undisputed dominant of Esztergom is open every day. If you are not afraid of heights, do not miss the view from its dome. Do not forget that Esztergom is outside Slovakia, so make sure you have your ID cards and passports for your kids.

Distance from the hotel: 40 km / 40 mins by car

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Štúrovo offers the best view of the Hungarian town of Esztergom. The right place for the view is on the promenade by the Danube, not far from the Maria Valeria bridge. There is also a paid parking lot with the first 10 minutes being free of charge if you only want to take a photo.

Just next to the view is located the town park, a number of bars and cafeterias and a statue of John Sobieski, which is most likely the nicest statue in Štúrovo.

Distance from the hotel: 35 km / 30 mins by car

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Artesian well in Iža

In the centre of the municipality of Iža, water springs from the depth of 220 m in the form of an artesian well. The well has a shelter that also offers the possibility to sit by the well. It is well visible and accessible from the main road. There is also a restaurant nearby.

Distance from the hotel: 7.5 km / 8 mins by car / 30 mins by bike

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Iža Kelemantia

It was the Romans, who built the first fortress on the left bank of Danube River in Iža. It is the largest and most famous of the monuments from Roman times in Slovakia. The building of this fortress was extremely demanding because the Romans had to transport almost all building material by ship from the other bank of the Danube. A smaller structure called Dievčí hrad is also part of the Roman Kelemantia.

The area of the fortress today elevates only slightly from the surrounding ground as a low square-shaped elevation and in 1990 it was registered as a national cultural monument. The area of Kelemantia is freely accessible for the public over the whole year. The best way to get to it is via the cycling route towards Komárno. If you go by car, you will not get directly to the area. You will need to park about 2 kilometres from the area and walk the rest of the route.

Distance from the hotel: 10 km / 10 mins by car + 2 km walking

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Žitava Alluvium

Natural preservation Žitava Alluvium is situated between Martovce and Hurbanovo. The preserved alluvial forest along the Žitava River creates ideal conditions for manifold fauna and flora. Birds can be observed here, such as the flocks of swans and ducks or some of the hundreds of bird species that live here. Or you can just take a walk or cycle and admire the beauty of the untouched nature.

Distance from the hotel: 28 km / 25 mins by car

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Peasant house in Martovce

In the municipality of Martovce, you can see what a peasant house looked like in the past. Built in 1871, the old house now serves as an exhibition of folk architecture within the Danube Region Museum and has been declared a cultural monument. The walls of the house are made from clay and straw. You can view the house from the outside or you can make an appointment for a visit by calling 035/768411.

Near the peasant house, you will also find an interesting small church, a pond and a spring with drinking water.

Distance from the hotel: 28 km / 25 mins by car

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Paris swamps in Gbelce

Paris swamps are a natural preservation and protected area. It is the home of a huge number of birds that fly here and there in large flocks. You can also observe colourful dragonflies and if you’re lucky enough, you can also spot marsh turtles. It is an amazing show which is best to watch from the nearby lookout tower. There is no parking lot and you must leave your car at the end of the road.

Distance from the hotel: 25 km / 28 mins by car

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