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Wellness centre

There is nothing better for the body and mind than a visit to the Wellness Centre. In the five saunas you will not only gain energy for the next days, but you will also strengthen your immunity.
Treat yourself to inner and physical balance, exceptional wellness care and the power of natural herbs and fragrant essences.


Traditionally, lovers of classic sauna will find their own sauna in the Finnish sauna. Thanks to the temperature from 60 to 110°C, every part of the body is perfectly warmed up. As the humidity is minimal, the skin is also more blood-permeable and the body temperature rises by 1 to 2°C. This improves the mobility of muscles and joints. At the same time, impurities are flushed out of the skin, which is of considerable cosmetic significance.

TEMPERATURE : 90 – 105˚C
HUMIDITY : 10 – 15%
RECOMMENDED TIME : 10 – 15 min.
EFFECTS : regenerating, relaxing, strengthening the immune system, prevention against cold diseases.
CONTRAINDICATIONS : All acute medical conditions, increased thyroid activity, bleeding disorders, inflammation of veins, epilepsy, infectious diseases, hypertension, decompensated diabetes mellitus, malignant tumors, epilepsy, non-healing skin defects, infectious, communicable, parasitic diseases, active TB, bleeding disorders, psychiatric diseases, febrile conditions, febrile conditions, total arteriosclerosis with organ damage, cancer (malignant tumours), post heart attack and stroke (after medical examination without complications for 3 months), all cardiovascular diseases after consultation with a specialist, pregnancy, age over 70 years.


If you're not afraid of the heat, you must try the Swedish sauna. It is a high-temperature sauna - air temperature up to about 110°C, humidity is minimal. This is what makes the sweat run down your body so intensely. In the Swedish sauna, the metabolism and the rapid elimination of harmful substances and toxins through the pores out of the body is greatly stimulated.

RECOMMENDED TIME : 5 – 15 min.
EFFECTS : refreshing effect, used for infection, antiseptic, antiviral.
CONTRAINDICATIONS : infectious diseases, purulent skin diseases, fungi, infections, hypertension, conditions after deep thrombosis, malignant tumours, epilepsy, infectious diseases, active TB, haemorrhagic conditions, psychiatric diseases, febrile conditions, pregnancy, age over 70 years.


One of its most effective methods of aromatherapy is the inhalation of essential oils, i.e. the inhalation of scents, in which the brain, after the initial sensation caused by the smells, triggers various reactions in the body and consequently healing processes with a long-lasting effect. If you want to relax after long days and regain lost energy, try our herbal sauna.

HUMIDITY : 25 – 30%
RECOMMENDED TIME : 20 – 25 min.
EFFECTS : significant relaxation of the respiratory tract, protection against viral and bacterial infections. Inhalation is indispensable for allergies, rhinitis and all respiratory diseases.
CONTRAINDICATIONS : all heart diseases, high blood pressure, age over 70 years, pregnancy, influenza, epilepsy, infectious diseases, purulent skin diseases, fungi, infections, acute febrile diseases, all diseases in the acute stage, hypertension, conditions after deep thrombosis, malignant tumours, epilepsy.


The Wellness Centre also includes a steam sauna. You will find a maximum of 60°C, at 100% humidity, which means less stress on the body. The humid air has a positive effect on the skin, which is heavily circulated and intensively cleansed. The skin remains soft and velvety. The steam bath also has positive effects on weakened blood vessels, clots and respiratory diseases.

RECOMMENDED TIME : 15 – 20 min.
EFFECTS : relaxing, disinfecting, strengthening immunity. Inhalation has a beneficial effect on the entire nervous system. Himalayan salt helps to cure skin diseases and allergies.
CONTRAINDICATIONS : purulent skin diseases, fungi, infectious diseases, open wounds.


If you want to give your body a good regeneration, try the effects of infrared radiation. Thanks to the fact that the surrounding air is hardly heated at all, a stay in an infrared sauna is bearable even for people who find it difficult to breathe in classic saunas or have various cardiovascular problems. This is why the infrared sauna is popular for various medical treatments. The temperature in the infrared cabin does not exceed 50 °C, so your body will not warm up to 38 °C and start healing processes and the production of specific hormones, but it has other advantages.<br /> Infrared radiation penetrates deep into the epidermis - the skin, a few centimetres at most. Due to the specific properties of the radiation, the human skin is able to absorb up to 93% of the infrared radiation that reaches it. The skin then distributes the heat to the internal parts of the body, helping to warm and relax the muscles. The remaining energy, reflected from the skin, heats the air - which is at a relatively low temperature of around 30 to 50 °C in the sauna. This makes it possible to stay in the sauna for around 30 to 45 minutes without a break.

:10 – 30 %
: 20 min.
: the use of infrared rays is suitable for improving blood circulation, cleansing the skin, detoxification, cellulite removal, heating the body, triggering healing processes and relaxation.
CONTRAINDICATIONS : All acute medical conditions, increased thyroid activity, bleeding disorders, conditions after venous inflammation, epilepsy, infectious diseases, hypertension, malignant tumors, epilepsy, non-healing skin defects of any origin, infectious, communicable, parasitic diseases, active TB, haemorrhagic conditions, psychiatric diseases, febrile conditions, cancer (malignant tumours), heart attack and stroke, all cardiovascular diseases.


Relax on the comfortable sun loungers and unwind after your sauna treatments, freshen up in one of our bars and breathe in the tranquil atmosphere. The relaxation room with relaxing music will guarantee you unforgettable peace.


After a stay in the sauna it is advisable to cool down the body afterwards. The ice bucket is a classic method of cooling the body with a shock of cold water.

The ice bucket is a classic method of cooling the body with a shock of cold water. A bucket full of ice water is for all hardy people who need to relieve the heat after a stay in the sauna. They will feel the power that will pass through their body and blood will flow to every part of it. You will experience a real whirlwind in the form of icy refreshment.

Temperature: 9 – 12 °C.


Try our hot whirlpool bath and treat yourself to a pleasant water massage with hydromassage jets or bottom air beads that will relax all the muscles in your body.

DEPTH : 1 m
EFFECTS : regenerating, strengthening the immune system, stimulating, blood circulation to the skin, after a stay in the sauna with subsequent cooling, the immune system is stimulated and the blood cell count is increased.
CONTRAINDICATIONS : purulent skin diseases, fungi, infectious diseases, open wounds, purulent skin diseases, deep thrombosis, epilepsy, , infectious diseases, haemorrhagic conditions, psychological diseases, feverish conditions, pregnancy, age over 70 years.


A dip in an Arctic pool with water temperatures up to 10°C after the sauna will boost your immune system and increase blood cell production. The key to lasting health, beauty and vitality can be found in hardening off in the freezing-ice pool.


The Wellness centre is open daily until 17:00 for persons over 6 years of age.

The Wellness centre and access for persons under 6 years of age is not allowed.

Please remember the following rules for sauna use with children:

  • Before entering the sauna world, children should be prepared for what awaits them in the sauna – enclosed space, heat, or nudity.
  • Children are only allowed to enter the sauna world wearing a sheet; do not leave children unattended in the sauna.
  • Before entering the sauna itself, it is necessary to take a shower first. Shower the children with lukewarm water, working from the feet upwards.
  • Children should sauna at a temperature of up to 65°C, for this reason we recommend especially herbal, steam and infrared saunas for children.
  • Place children comfortably on a sheet on the lowest bench where the temperature is lowest.
  • Do not eat, drink or read while in the sauna.
  • Noisy behaviour may disturb other guests.
  • Sauna time should be shorter than for adults. Approximately 3 – 8 min. depending on the age of the child.
  • The sauna session is followed by another cooling shower.
  • After cooling down, follow by a rest in the relaxation room. Do not forget to replenish fluids. Drink clean water.
  • The number of sauna cycles depends on the age of the child. Children under 6 years of age (entry on own responsibility) should only take 1 cycle. Children over 6 years of age can complete 3 cycles.

It is the responsibility of the visitor to the wellness centre to behave according to the operator’s instructions. Please consult your doctor to determine whether sauna use is suitable for you at all, taking into account your state of health. Access to saunas is not recommended for: pregnant women, diabetics, patients with heart, kidney or thyroid disease, persons with high blood pressure. Children under 6 years of age, persons under the influence of alcohol and narcotics are not allowed to enter the sauna part of the centre. In the sauna area, for hygienic reasons, only tarpaulins are allowed.

  •  the recommended stay in the sauna is 1 – 2 stays in the span of a week, the recommended length of stay in the sauna is 1.5 – 2 hours
  • before the planned stay in the saunas we recommend not to eat heavy food, not to drink alcohol
  • before entering the saunas, put away your watch, mobile phone, jewellery, etc. in the cloakroom
  • shower, wash with soap and wipe dry before entering the saunas
  • We enter the saunas without swimwear and shoes, wearing tarpaulins, as the wellness centre is a mixed type of sauna (men + women). Sauna bathing in a swimsuit is very harmful to your health and not only to you, but also to others. They are made of 100% synthetic man-made substances and already at a temperature of 50°C these substances are released, they are highly carcinogenic and enter the body through the respiratory tract or the skin, harming yourself and other sauna users.
  • In saunas, spread a sheet under your whole body, including your feet, for hygiene reasons. Sit on the lowest bench first and gradually move to a higher seating level to avoid thermal shock.
  • While in the saunas, breathe slowly through the nose, not very deeply. It is recommended to use various scrubs, oils and cosmetic products during the sauna session, which we will be happy to offer you.
  • If the temperature is unbearable, leave the sauna early.
  • During the sauna we behave quietly and culturally, avoid loud conversation, swearing, discussions. Saunas are places of peace and meditation.
  • After leaving the saunas, we either cool our bodies with a cold shower or use a cooling pool with cold water.
  • When cooling down, we cool the body from the feet towards the heart, never pouring cold water on a heated head.
  • We finish each sauna cycle with 15 – 20 min. of rest in the supine position, in relaxation rooms with loungers. Wrap yourself in a sheet and lie down, close your eyes and relax for a few minutes as well.
  • Do not eat, drink or read while in the saunas.
  • In between sauna cycles we try to replenish fluids, vitamin C, small snacks of fruit to replenish missing minerals in the body.
  • Do not wash your body with soap after the last sauna session.
  • You should rest for 15 to 20 minutes before leaving the sauna to allow the body to adjust to the change in temperature and do not make any major efforts immediately after the bath.
  • Replenish your fluids after the treatment. Fruit juices, teas and mineral water are best. During one sauna cycle, you can sweat out up to 0.5 litres of water, with which, in addition to toxins, salt, vitamin C and other minerals also leave.
  • You can finish the sauna process with your favourite massage or make use of the beauty and relaxation services.
  • You can enter the whirlpool (or other common areas) wearing a swimsuit.
  • Sauna bathing provides protection for seven days to preserve the body’s resistance to disease, it is recommended to repeat sauna bathing at least 1 time per week.


Check opening hours and operating notices.

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Price list of wellness entries.

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